If you are interested in sponsoring please send a mail to sponsors@rustfest.eu.

A fundamental part of RustFest has always been sponsorships, as RustFest strives for affordable ticket prices and a detailed program supporting underrepresented people (e.g. BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, women, disabled members of the Rust community), as well as those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to attend, making a point to be as welcoming and safe as possible for everyone.

RustFest is also a great way for community members to get to know each other and for our sponsors to get a chance to meet potential employees without the need for hiring expensive headhunters.

For this event we are collaborating with multiple teams across the globe (such as Rust.Tokyo or Rust LATAM, who will help with making the conference more accessible in different regional communities, as well as host one of the three conference blocks that corresponds to their respective timezones and geography. Hence the event will better be able to cater to audiences in America, Europe and Asia. Each block will include 4 to 8 talks. On Sunday the 8th of November we are also hosting a hands-on collaborative development event (called the "impl Days") where attendees choose to work on projects that interest them (be those personal projects or core Rust issues) while having an opportunity to continue networking and getting to know other Rust project contributors and attendees.

Baseline package

RustFest sponsorships are starting at the baseline sponsorship tier of 1.000 EUR, which includes:

  • your company logo on the website and in the intro and closing slides of each block
  • your company is mentioned by our hosts during the conference
  • 10 tickets to hand out to your own employees, or anyone else

Companies who are looking for additional exposure, or interested in contributing more may choose from customized options to fit their goals.

Tailored to your needs

We are always willing to discuss more elaborate sponsorships as well. To inspire you we have prepared this non-exhaustive list of potential perks:

  • Unique web experiences during the conference

    RustFest Global will be live streamed on our website. The page that hosts the live stream can be customized with static (e.g. custom design) and interactive content. Examples may include a special streaming page design highlighting the sponsor, or a bite-sized game featuring Ferris to be played in-between talks. However we do require that this content is hosted by RustFest and that the content respects the privacy of our attendees. Just like a rollup banner, this web experience is either provided, or commissioned by the sponsor to be created by the Rustfest organizing team.

  • Unique web experiences on the schedule page

    The second most visited page of our conference website has always been the schedule page, which is where people go to re-watch previous talks. This experience can also be customized to include sponsored content.

  • A myriad things in Matrix!

    We will use the Matrix platform for our chat system during the conference. Our streaming experience, built on the Waasabi framework (developed in-house by the conference organizing team) lets us tightly integrate these discussion areas into the stream page. This means that the chat room will be right under the actively streaming video. Beyond the classic dedicated "sponsor space" (chatroom) we would be open to provide sponsors with more custom experiences and integrations through Matrix bots to devise new ways of interactions with the conference attendees.

  • In-break content

    During breaks we can include sponsor ads that target our attendees. We are also considering including customized in-break entertainment (such as generative art and music from community artists) in-between the talks, which could also be tailored to fit the sponsor brand, using a special color scheme or including further customizations (including a direct collaboration between you and the artist to realize an even more elaborate vision).

  • Playback content

    All RustFest talks will also be freely available on the official Rust Videos YouTube channel a couple weeks after the conference. Our talks from RustFest Barcelona have garnered multiple thousand views on these platforms, with some talks' lifetime views reaching the tens of thousands. We can include overlays or video ads (spots) in the beginning/end of these videos for additional exposure (and even include links/CTAs in these snippets).